Bowel Cleanse (with Nuts)


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Has been used for:
Colon cleansing, Assimulation of nutrients, Candida Albicans (yeast) overgrowth, Bacterial Infections, Excess mucous in the colon, Bowel Inflamation, Anti-Parisite / Anti-Worm.

Each Package contains 200 Veg. Capsules with the following ingredients:

Warning, this product CONTAINS NUTS.


  1. Jim Isitt

    This product is incredible. I didn’t have any bowel problem (at least I didn’t think I did) but my daughter wanted me to detox. I still don’t think I have any bowel problem BUT…this product by day 3 I started to feel 5 years younger (I’m 70). Sounds crazy, I know. I’m on my 3rd week and I still feel younger. My gut feels unclogged. Again, I didn’t think I had a gut problem…probably don’t, but my gut simply feels healthier. I’m 70 and in excellent health (good blood pressure, cholesterol, sugar, etc.) and I intend to use this product at least twice a year.

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